Nightwalker Caverns is a non-linear, Generation 4 escape room adventure featuring electronic puzzle locks, immersive sets filled with specialty lighting and sound, live actors, and interactive props to enhance your experience. Our rooms have multiple areas of game play, which will all be in play at the end of the game. If Players see something they want to explore, but it won’t open easily (like a box or a door), they will need to figure out the puzzle to open the electronic lock. When a puzzle is solved on an electronic lock, listen for a click or slight noise meaning the lock has opened. (Hint: laughter means you did not do the lock correctly.) Don’t try to force open doors or pry open boxes. To keep traditional escape room enthusiasts happy, there are a few padlock/key and combination locks in the room.

​Designed and operated by Shane Watton and his daughter, Tiffany Watton, Nightwalker Caverns Escape Room Adventures emerged in 2014 as a haunted house with actors performing parody skits of horror shows that were a little bit scary and just the right amount of funny. By 2016 the show had morphed into a year-round business incorporating elements of fantasy, horror, and science fiction genres into 3 action-packed escape adventures. From its outset, Nightwalker Caverns was the first local escape room business to combine live theater with special effects and the latest technology. Overall, the custom-built, nonlinear games provide the perfect backdrop where Players can laugh, share ideas, and collectively work together. Whether visiting as a group of friends or participating in a corporate team building activity, Nightwalker Caverns' ongoing commitment to new design concepts and wildly fun experiences will turn your preconceived notions about escape rooms upside down. Prepare yourself for the Best San Diego escape room adventure business.



While our facility allows bookings and parties for younger Players, we maintain a strict policy on groups with Players under 18.

Parents need to consider that Nightwalker Caverns Escape Room Adventures are designed for older Players. The rooms contain art that may be gruesome or depict subject matter too scary for young children, and in general, young children cannot contribute anything to solving the escape game puzzles.

Clownatorium-2 Upside Down has adult subject matter in the room. Children ages 12 and younger are not permitted without pre-approval by the management.

Fah-King Grail Game is a more family-friendly room (teenagers), but it is dark and gloomy and contains gruesome depictions of a MACABRE nature, and it may be too scary for children under 12.

TUT'S RUT Players under 14 are not permitted in TUT'S RUT.

Players under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Anyone under 18 must have a parent or guardian sign a release of liability waiver at the door. A parent or person over 18 must stay at the facility with underage Players in the event an underage Player wants to leave the escape room. Staff and room actors cannot leave their duties to supervise underage Players who need/want to leave the escape room game.

All players must have a ticket and be signed in to enter the escape room game. There is no discount based on age.


WE BELIEVE ESCAPE ROOMS ARE A TEAM EFFORT. Unlike traditional escape room games, Nightwalker Caverns Escape Room Adventures allows the Players to control the level of difficulty to their escape room "experience," so pass rate is totally in the hands of the escape room Players.

Since experienced Gamers and more advanced escape room Players usually want a more difficult game, they control that experience by not using the clues. For a less difficult game, inexperienced Players can have as many clues as they choose. We've found that allowing Players to have the choice of an "unlimited number of clues" or "no clues" makes the focus of the game more "fun" for all Players -- and it makes TEAMWORK essential. That being said, we don't keep track of how many groups win or lose as having a really "fun experience" is the most important element for us.


Nightwalker Caverns Escape Room Adventures are designed to be challenging and unusual, but it is not a haunted house. The interiors of the escape rooms are dimly lit due to our Macabre theme. The escape rooms may also contain artistic gruesome depictions and gloomy atmosphere.  This is a "4 senses experience", i.e., smell, touch, hearing, and visual. 

From January to August, nothing jumps out to scare players.  However, during September through December, Nightwalker Caverns will employ special actors who will perform in the rooms to enhance the scary macabre theme for which we have become famous. As part of our escape room experience, entertainers may prank the players or create distractions all year long. 

Since 2014, Nightwalker Caverns has offered our customers a high-quality, slightly haunted adventure through the use of state-of-the-art electronic and custom built props. We feature Hollywood style special effects. We have earned our reputation as the Best San Diego Escape Room Adventure. That being said, our escape room adventures were specifically designed and created to be challenging, unique, a little bit scary and just the right amount of funny!


Please call with any special questions or concerns. Nightwalker Caverns personnel cannot physically assist any patron while in our rooms. Anyone who requires special assistance must bring an attendant.