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Persons under 14 years cannot be booked into these San Diego escape rooms without contacting the management in advance.  Nightwalker Caverns Escape Room Adventures reserves the right to refuse admission to any person or to remove any person from the premises before or during a show.

Players must arrive 10-15 minutes early for sign-in. Late arrivals cannot be accommodated. If Players do not arrive at least 5 minutes before their reserved time, the game is cancelled and will need to be rescheduled. Players cannot reschedule a missed/cancelled game for a Saturday or Sunday.



Combining actors, special effects, and custom-built props into immersive entertainment, theater-style adventures has earned us the reputation of the Best San Diego Escape Room Adventures. Inspired by fiction and cinematic sources, Players will be challenged by some of the most intricately and artistically designed escape room puzzle games in San Diego. If you're one of those people who enjoys an interactive, action-packed escape room adventure with the just right amount of humor, then our innovative game concepts are perfect for you. Whether novice or seasoned escape room enthusiast, we’re sure you’ll agree that – Adventure is our Game!

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We offer intense, adventure-based, escape room games where Players may encounter a wide variety of diverse conditions. The caverns are dark, and the floors are uneven. Players may be exposed to: smells or scents to create atmosphere or caused by disinfecting or sanitizing; moving floors; extremely low visibility; low lighting, intense lights and laser lights; loud or extreme noises; fog; confined spaces; being sprayed with water; areas requiring crawling, climbing, bending or stooping; special effects; graphic scenes depicting gore or violence; getting dirty; and vulgar language (usually from your teammates). High heeled shoes are not advised. Do not enter if you have respiratory illness or disease, heart conditions, prone to seizures, pregnant, injuries or surgeries that may be aggravated by sudden jarring or movement, or any type of physical or mental ailment including claustrophobia.


Room capacity: 2-4 players | Minimum Number of Players: 2 | Time: 60 minutes | Cost: $36 per player (WARNING: Strobe light)

GAMBLING ON ANYTHING IS A BIG ADVENTURE – You will be transported deep into a cursed gold mine in an ore cart where you must successfully beat Lucky at his final gambling games to escape. BEWARE: Once you enter – there is no turning back!!!

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Room capacity: 8 players  |  Minimum Number of Players: 4  |  Time: 90 minutes | Cost: $38 per player

THE LOST TREASURE OF ONE-LEG WILLY – Prepare to be very challenged and very wet when you escape into the caverns of this Gooneze adventure.


Room Capacity: 10 players  |  Minimum Number of Players: 4  |  Time: 90 minutes | Cost: $38 per player

Where your common sense and good sense of humor are the keys to successful completion of this “so easy it’s hard” escape adventure.



Room capacity: 8 players  |  Minimum Number of Players: 4  |  Time: 60 minutes | Cost: $36 per player

This is not a scary escape adventure unless you are afraid of mummies and being trapped in a tomb. However, it is described as our “most challenging escape adventure” by many players.

Hotel Nocturnus

Room Capacity: 6 players  |  Minimum Number of Players: 4  |  Time: 90 minutes | Cost: $38 per player

WARNING: Located on the second floor. Players will experience simulated special effects include a falling elevator, confined spaces, eerie or startling special effects, strobe lights, and fog. This escape room contains subject matter and grisly or gruesome displays that may be offensive or disturbing to some Players. Pregnant Players or Players with injuries are advised not to book this room – you know your limitations, we do not. Players under 14 years old cannot be booked into this escape game.

hotel nocturnus


Room capacity: 3-6 players | Minimum Number of Players: 3 | Time: 60 minutes | Cost: $40 per player (WARNING: Located upstairs, special effects lighting)

In this immersive theater escape game adventure, live actors and spirit entities will cleverly guide participants through a brief glimpse into America’s darkest and bewitching past.


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